I'm Aaron McAlinden. A beard sporting outdoorsman, interaction designer and illustrator from Northern Ireland. A storyteller of the visual kind, UX, UI and branding are my genres.

Case Studies


Transport Reimagined

A digital product designed with revolutionising modern travel and transport in mind.

Hack The Hub

Working Together for a Better Northern Ireland

Branding and web design and development for a Belfast Hackathon.

Fitting Fitness

Athletic Apparel

Brand Mark redesign for a local athletic apparel startup.

One With Dog

Dog Training Solutions

Brand mark design for a canine training and behavior specialist.


Quiz Your Periodic Table Prowess

Branding, design and development of Elementary, a periodic table fact retention tool.


Personal Brand Icons

A series of icons and icon patterns I created for my personal brand and visual identity.

AJM Monogram

Personal Branding and Visual Identity Design

Branding and Visual Identity exploration for my own personal brand.